Thursday, 4 August 2011

The latest findX software ( for use with the BS3 cross-linker can be found here.
If you're new to findX please view the manual. In order to run findX you must have Python version 2.7.2 installed on your machine.

In this version of findX I have:
  • Added support for Mascot Distiller output. Basically if you use Mascot Distiller to extract and process data from your MALDI mass spectrometer, and output it to .txt (comprehensive) or .mgf (mascot generic file) files then findX can now read the relevant information (peak masses and intensities).
  • Added better control of the merging process in MS mode. You can now set a dedicated tolerance level for merging masses and a dedicated tolerance level for matching masses.

Please direct any questions or bugs either in the comment section below, or to findxlink@gmail.comTo make it easier to find the problem paste any error message received. And if you email then attach data files in use e.g. sequence file(s), peak lists (zipped) and FINDX_settings.txt.

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